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Whether attending a yoga class, cleaning your home, getting ready to conquer your day, or relaxing for the evening, there is an essential oil for that!

I have two companies that I trust enough to use on my family and in my classes... Imani and Young Living. I used Young Living exclusively when I first started with essential oils. Their quality is undeniable. But... then along came Imani -- a family owned company also with undeniable quality & heart! I have many of their oils in stock available to purchase and can order anything not in stock and have them in less than a week. They are affordable and top quality. Nothing to join. You can view all of their available products here. If you are new to essential oils you can begin here at their education section.  

Imani Medicinal Quality Essential Oils are personally selected by Brian Skinness, the founder of Imani Natural Products. His intimate sense of essential oil quality is borne from working with them on a daily basis since 1993. They are the oils that he uses with his own family and offers to independent naturopathic clinics, holistic chiropractors, body workers and individuals desiring to take personal responsibility for their health care decisions.

Our mission is to be a vessel through which God can work to provide medicinal quality essential oils to those who seek them.
Our ambition is to lead a quiet life, to work with our hands, to do good and help others who are in need.
Our vision and hope is that God will continue to use Imani until the return of Jesus Christ.

Essential Oils In Your Everyday Life

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